Our Software Products

We offer a full stack of completely integrated software products, all-in-one business software platform to cover all your needs:

Business and Enterprise Products:

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  • Emsai ERP - Our main software suite, designed to solve business management issues for companies of all sizes, from SMB's to mid-sized and corporate users. Cloud-based secure solution, ultra-fast responsive interface, it is accessible from any location with either unlocked or secured / intranet access, works 24/7 on any device including desktop, laptop, tablet and even smartphone
  • Emsai Stock Inventory - Powerful and fast stock inventory application, interconnected with all other software modules that might be needed for a particular client; with unlimited number of inventories and divisions, SKU history, product group tracking, custom product types, supplier and client purchased and sold items tracking
  • Emsai Warehouse Management System (Emsai WMS) - Working closely with our Stock Inventory core but including highly-needed WMS functionality; warehouse management software including goods in transit (in limbo), transfers, mix-and-split formula, production formula and much more
  • Emsai Invoicing - Create unlimited invoices with ease, sell physical goods, virtual goods and services, in an unlimited number of currencies; with advanced features such as Pro-Forma with automatic invoice generation, customizable print templates, customs tariff management and more
  • Emsai Cash Management - Track your company's daily cash records, bank accounts, foreign bank accounts, bank account reconciliation with multiple-invoice payment distribution, pay slips, cashing slips, expense reimbursements, with customizable ledgers and modern double-entry bookkeeping system with easy mode and advanced mode for power users; includes CSV exporting features and predictive cashflow analysis and report
  • Emsai CRM - manage clients and suppliers with all their data, track client options, blocked clients, custom client notes and special requests, track payment terms and other options, track unpaid bills, view client order history and more
  • Emsai Ticketing - this module works in conjunction with our CRM, making sales tracking easy as a breeze. All incoming emails are automatically detected and assigned as tickets to the system, with configurable sales stage tracking, sales rep assignment, days and months client follow-up and re-contact, IRT monitoring (Initial Response Time Tracking), invaluable measurement tool for sales floor management and improvement
  • Emsai ERP Reporting - Generate fast reports on your current stock levels, stock groups, sales reports, sales graph, stock per product types and/or per company division, sales per product groups, yearly and monthly sales with average and last 3-months average breakdown, items in and out, supplier history, client history, tracking receivables and payables with additional notes and masking option
  • Emsai Document Storage - Sustained by our CMS and web framework, it works in conjunction with all other modules/solution components and provides cloud-based and/or server-based in-database document storage with search and quick location features. All documents are linked from their corresponding point-of-upload section. Advanced search and partitioning features are available.
  • Emsai E-Commerce Module - No need to search for troublesome and costly integrations with other e-commerce platforms. We have a built-in e-commerce solution for you, which can be used either as a separate website or as an quick-to-deploy module on your existing website; simply drop a few lines of code and your existing website is e-commerce upgraded and ready to sell! Fully native e-commerce solution, closely integrated with our entire app, allowing display of stock in realtime on single or multiple websites and direct creation of customer records and invoices from the website e-commerce order data
  • Emsai Custom POS - Get a customized POS implementation with either a standard or bespoke POS interface, as per your requirements. Integrate with online payment systems and even with custom POS hardware of your choice
  • Emsai Franchise Software Retail POS System - Are you a franchise looking for a full-tailored but also fast, powerful, quick to deploy solution with no-risk initial cash investment? Get a quote today for our high performance, flexible Franchise Software Retail System, fully managed for you to cover your entire franchise network with central monitoring. Fully customized as per your company's requirements

Technology & Platform:

  • Emsai Power CMS - Built over a decade, our proprietary CMS system is built to scale big, and enforced for security. Aimed at companies worried (for good reasons) about the low performance and critically low security of existing open source CMS systems, our proprietary CMS ensures 100x speed, enhanced security by design (using concepts still ahead of the time), blazing fast response, scale to millions of visitors and still maintain quick response time, minimal attack surface. It's fast, secure, and reliable
  • Emsai Framework - Designed for companies looking to build powerful, scalable websites and cloud applications in no time, our framework includes modules and plugins that interact with our proprietary CMS. It provides extremely fast website and application development while maintaining performance, security and reliability. Includes tools and plugins for HTTP /HTTPS functionality management, a data abstraction layer (DAL) designed to enhance development speed and maintain the database platform-agnostic, secure file upload and storage solution, blog and website plugin, enhanced logging and tracking module, embedded shopping cart/e-commerce module, website backend management, secure inter-site connection module (similar to VPN), tokenized user authentication, a flexible visual database editor and much more.

No matter what your business software application needs are, we are fully confident that we can provide you with the best solution for your case. Request a quote today and one of our representatives will quickly contact you back, provide a free tour over our solution and help you decide what would be the best solution for your particular business.
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