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News: Rescator Albums available!3281 views
Roger "Rescator" Hågensen has released three albums of retro music.
Originally created during the 1990's and then re-mastered as high quality 24Bit 48KHz FLAC (lossless) these albums will bring you that nostalgic Amiga 80's/90's feeling in all it's glory (and flaws).

The music is generally Electronica/Ambient (or Alternative/Experimental) but also touching sub-genres like Chip-music, pop, techno, a dab of jazz or rock, orchestral, or just plain weird.

You can read more about these albums on Rescator's music page, and find out how and where to get the 3 albums with a total of 58 tracks and over 3 hours of music.

Getting the albums through indieTorrent is advised due to tracks being available at very high quality there (48KHz 24Bit FLAC), although the albums will also be available as average quality MP3's at several retailers like iTunes and Amazon and Spotify (and more) around the 17th of September 2010, see each album's pages at Rescator's music page for more details.
Rescator2010-08-15 14:24:58 UTC

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