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Society: Smoke'm if you gotte'm!1817 views
It's not allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars here in Norway any more, used to be sectioned off a few years back, and before that there where just areas (no sectioning).

No public places allow smoking indoor now, smokers has to sit outside (not so bad during the summer) or stand outside.

Half the cigarette or tobacco packs are covered in HUGE white stickers/printing, with huge black letters. Stating that smoking leads to: Cancer, reduced sperm count, death, damage to unborn children, and the list goes on and on and on...

It's like reading freaking horror story, and TV and radio ads airs regularly several times each day on all major channels/stations.

And the ironic thing is... I've noticed a severe lack of campaigns against drinking, drinking and driving, drinking and violence, drugs, violence, etc. You know, things that can hurt or kill people instantly, rather than when you reach early retirement age +.

I'm a smoker myself, I got no intentions of quitting, it's a decision I have made, I'm one of the few people that are able to quit if I actually wanted, but I like to smoke, the same way I like Pepsi and a few other unhealthy things. But I myself even prefer no smoke around when eating, I myself also hate over-smoked rooms. But due to the smoking laws in Norway, this is a thing of the past now, and people that complain to smokers should get a boot up their ass, smoking is no longer a public problem here in Norway, now it's a private problem for the smokers themselves.

So it really pisses me off when I see the anti smoking campaigns at 100% still, while at the same time young kids, teenies, heck even tweenies, dress like britney spears or the male equivalent idol (50 cent?) Goes to parties, drink stuff that is so nasty that I rarely would touch it, cases of strong beer, moonshine, vodka variants, moonshine + soda, coffee and moonshine, sniff glue or lighter gas (huge problem), sniff oven cleaner (no kidding), do drugs and pills much much worse than marihuana, and they do it regularly. Kids are found by parents etc, with blackouts of what happen, has to drive them to the hospital to get pumped, cops find 12-15 old girls and boys, but a lot of girls walking around down town drunk or doped, or worse, finding them passed out in some alley.

And I'm only talking about THIS city, Trondheim with a population not that much above 150000, and in Norway which one would assume is one of the more boring countries in the world. I can not even begin to imagine how it is elsewhere in the world, but I'm pretty sure that smoking should be the least of people's worries.

I say... Let the damn kids smoke all they want, if they end up with cancer in their post 50's or something, who cares. as long as they can't afford to do all the other sick crap I mentioned above, let them spend money on smokes.

Here's a funny thought, a lot of people smoke obviously. The interesting thing is that those who do end up with cancer etc, they most likely where already highly susceptible to cancer in the first place, besides odor issues when it comes to smoking (myself I find a soft smell of smoke nice actually but that's just me), second hand smoking isn't that bad. I'm more concerned about bacteria, asphalt, tire dust, car exhaust, industrial pollution, dirty water, food additives, hair and makeup products, paint and cleaning products.

I was about to pick up some oven cleaner in a supermarket here, cause the oven is starting to look real bad.
The (aerosol can obviously *sigh*) had a instructions area that was a nightmare. Not only did you need to have full ventilation when using it, but it STRONGLY advised you wore protective goggles or a protective FACE mask, and protective gloves, and clothing that protect your skin somewhat.

And my immediate thoughts was: They actually SELL stuff like this in a supermarket, and have it on the shelf way in the back of the store with no form of supervision...??? *huh?* Yet cigarettes etc is like under their noses and you gotta be 18+ to buy them. Talk about a fucked up world. And obviously I didn't buy the oven cleaner, I don't wanna die trying to clean my oven, the oven will do fine for many months more until I find something that won't require a full Biohazard gear. sheesh!

Ok, end of my rant, I'll go back to passive smoking my cat to death. Actually my cat takes a hint, as soon as I light up a smoke, she takes a hike and goes to do cat stuff or whatever cats do in the living room, my main smoking area is my computer/hobby room. (yeah that PC is really hurting heh).
Rescator2007-04-29 22:25:02 UTC

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