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Society: How important is a name?1816 views
It may seem silly or trivial, but one's name (or even nicknames) is part of their identity. And if people miss-pronounce it, it may feel (to them) as if they are dishonoring you, and some people may feel dishonored if others get their name wrong.

After all, people pride themselves in how passionate they are and their knowledge/interest as well. Getting the name of someone or a character is a cardinal sin in a way. *laughs*

*hmm, I think I've been watching too much Japanese anime hehe, and I get the feeling that learning ones name properly is a honorable thing to do*

Ironically I'm horrible with names unless I use them regularly for some time, if not I forget them as quickly as I learned them. Yeah I suck, and don't get me started on the horrors of memorizing phone numbers. *laughs*
Rescator2007-04-11 07:47:16 UTC

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