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Website: DPI Calculator3560 views
A new tool has been added to the site's Projects under the Widescreen section.
Most people are unaware that they are using the wrong DPI setting for their monitor.
The DPI Calculator should help you find out the optimal DPI/PPI setting for your monitor under Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.... (continued)
Rescator2010-10-16 17:45:39 UTC

Website: EmSai Mousespeed3580 views
EmSai Mousespeed is a small tool (44KB) to test the speed/accuracy and consistency of your mouse. It will provide info like Pixels² per millisecond, and max peak, as well as calculated polling rate (Hz) of the mouse (how frequently/fast it talks to your computer). The source is also available for... (continued)
Rescator2010-08-16 18:58:55 UTC

Website: Widescreen Bandwidth Calculator2003 views
A new tool has been added to the site's Projects under the Widescreen section. The Widescreen Bandwidth Calculator should help you determine how much bandwidth a resolution needs, thus allowing you to more easily figure out what type of display cable you need for your monitor setup.... (continued)
Rescator2009-12-25 14:45:44 UTC

Website: Widescreen FOV Calculator2527 views
A new feature has been added to the Projects section of the website,
the Widescreen FOV Calculator. This is a neat calculator for those that need to tweak the FOV (Field Of View) for games and programs.... (continued)
Rescator2008-07-05 05:34:20 UTC

Website: Phew! Now there's a handfull!1769 views
It's amazing how the simplest concept turns out to be an incredible amount of work!
One may not easily see it, but there is a lot of advanced code under the hood!... (continued)
Rescator2006-02-26 12:04:21 UTC