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Technology: The Ideal Copy Protection or The DRM That Works4038 views
Since I'm a technical guy the first part will describe the technical implementation, then followed by the benefits this has for legit customers and the drawbacks for non-legit customers. Although this is aimed at MicroSoft Windows and PC Gaming in particular, the principle applies to Apple Mac and Linux as... (continued)
Rescator2010-02-20 03:01:19 UTC

Technology: Windows vs Mac vs Chrome vs Linux2088 views
This is my view on the OS wars, a mish-mash of fact, un-facts, misconceptions, confusion, and assumptions, and a prediction of the future of Operating Systems.... (continued)
Rescator2009-07-27 04:14:54 UTC

Technology: Linux User Interface Style Guide (LUIS Guide)2001 views
Somebody who read my journal entry on why Linux fails and that Linux needs a standardization said: "Ever heard of the Linux Standards Base?"
But that is only a file hierarchy standard, what Linux need is a Linux User Interface Style Guide.... (continued)
Rescator2009-07-12 00:42:20 UTC

Technology: CPU and GPU numbering scheme flaws, and why NPR charts is the solution to consumer confusion.2636 views
I just updated the Normalized Performance Rating charts for CPUs,
and I really wish that Intel and AMD would adopt something similar to my NPR,
as once again the numbering schemes they are using are confusing, higher numbers do not necessarily mean higher performance.... (continued)
Rescator2009-07-05 20:49:43 UTC

Technology: Why Linux fails and Windows and MacOS succeeds!3433 views
The problem is Linux is schizophrenic. Windows has the Win32 API GUI, MacOS has something similar. On Linux there's like several dozen GUI systems, GTk, QT, wxWidgets, wine's widgets, motif, lesstif, x-forms, FLTK, GnuSTEP, TK, XUL, EFL. The list goes on. If it was reduced to one official "standard" a... (continued)
Rescator2007-08-18 21:07:09 UTC

Technology: Why is LCD Widescreen monitors not real widescreen? They are 16:10 instead of 16:9, *grumble*2986 views
I consider myself a tech geek so I was surprised to find out the reason. Stupidity through trying to be clever, And this is why:... (continued)
Rescator2007-07-03 16:33:57 UTC

Technology: Copy protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM)2268 views
Personally I hate copy protection and most DRM (Digital Rights Management), it never works or it's a pain if you plan to use it on multiple systems or you change hardware etc. Here are some tips you should consider:... (continued)
Rescator2007-06-22 12:55:23 UTC

Technology: The quality of sound and the noise of music!3150 views
I love sound, I love tech stuff, and I'm obsessive about most of my hobbies! Now combine those three things, ok now your ready to continue reading!... (continued)
Rescator2007-04-29 22:31:37 UTC

Technology: It's about time progress was made!2048 views
It's been a while since my last journal entry, it's a good thing I called this a journal and not a blog. Beside the fact I hate the term blog that is. Not long a go, a ground breaking project at least to my eyes, was announced, Sanctuary a Internet... (continued)
Rescator2007-02-18 09:51:26 UTC

Technology: Progress, or is it? Maybe we should catch up first!1856 views
If the Playstation 3 was capable of doing everything I currently do on my PC then I'd get a PS3 in a heartbeat as I'd know that the hardware is locked, and a guaranteed lifetime of 5 years at the least, heck look at the PS2 it still has around... (continued)
Rescator2007-01-07 19:29:21 UTC