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Society: DRM or Quality of Service, Pirate or Customer? Publishers please, Don't Be Greedy!1803 views
DRM (and even copy protection) is just a panic/knee jerk reaction.
Spore was cracked around the same time it was released right?
After which point, pirates suddenly had a "easier" product than legitimate users, the DRM was now suddenly useless and a nuisance to legit customers.... (continued)
Rescator2008-10-18 19:47:09 UTC

Society: Smoke'm if you gotte'm!1817 views
It's not allowed to smoke in restaurants and bars here in Norway any more, used to be sectioned off a few years back, and before that there where just areas (no sectioning).... (continued)
Rescator2007-04-29 22:25:02 UTC

Society: How important is a name?1814 views
It may seem silly or trivial, but one's name (or even nicknames) is part of their identity. And if people miss-pronounce it, it may feel (to them) as if they are dishonoring you, and some people may feel dishonored if others get their name wrong.... (continued)
Rescator2007-04-11 07:47:16 UTC

Society: Spam and how to legalize it and make it actually wanted by people!1836 views
Oh great! Another spam email plops into my mailbox, I have no idea what it is, it's just a bunch of links and words jumbled together, even cavemen must have made more sense than this. Do they think we actually bother clicking on crap like this? I'd prefer professionally made... (continued)
Rescator2006-11-28 05:13:53 UTC

Society: Separation of religion, economics and state!1769 views
A separation of religion and state (separation of church and state)
and separation of economics and state (Laissez-faire capitalism)
is vital in my eyes for the human race to evolve further.... (continued)
Rescator2006-11-26 04:45:29 UTC

Society: Money, religion and politics, the three evils of the world!1844 views
Yes! I see money, politics and religion as the three evils in the world! It is possible to govern without politics, it is possible to feed without money, it is possible to believe without religion.... (continued)
Rescator2006-11-18 00:24:49 UTC

Society: Patents1800 views
Wired News recently did a top 10 worst patents that the EFF wanted to combat. This got me (again) to think about how stupid patents are, especially US patents.... (continued)
Rescator2006-07-06 10:33:03 UTC

Society: These guys understand, but does the industry?1494 views
I agree fully with the guys behind Stardock and
Galactic Civilization, with their games they got
the perfect idea really. Piracy is only a issue
if you make it a issue.... (continued)
Rescator2006-03-14 18:41:37 UTC

Society: Gaming is "not" a Disease, so what is?1540 views
In a blog (hate that word) I read, the writer wrote about the news that a few US politicians was trying to get the disease control department in USA to examine computer gaming, as if it was a disease. And one of the people commenting on that post had this... (continued)
Rescator2006-03-11 04:36:53 UTC