Emsai Web Framework

High performance CMS - Emsai Emsai Web Framework provides core technology that makes building powerful, scalable websites and cloud applications in no time extremely easy.

Working directly with our high-performance CMS - Emsai CMS, it provides additional specific functionality as described below. Furthermore, it provides extremely fast website and application development, while at the same time providing highest performance, security and reliability.

Features and Characteristics:

  • Using an unique design concept
  • Provides enhanced security and excellent performance by default
  • A special data abstraction layer (DAL/ORM) designed to enhance development speed and maintain a database-agnostic implementation
  • Flexible in-database storage solution with file upload
  • Flexible visual database editor - a key component designed to minimize development time
  • Blog and presentation website plugin
  • Enhanced logging plugins
  • Monitoring, conversion tracking, A/B testing
  • Embedded e-commerce module and shopping cart plugin
  • Website admin panel for easy and efficient pages and categories management
  • Secure inter-site communication module
  • Secure user authentication with configurable templates
  • Various useful http / https functions
  • ... and more
Our technology is not only fast, secure and reliable, but also very simple to use for developers. In this way, you can create fast and scalable websites where security is built-in by design. At the same time, development cycle is shorter and speed of production is unparalleled. If you need proof, just take a look at our software solutions. Everything is powered by our web framework and CMS, and through using our own technology we are providing excellent software solutions with low development time.

If you're interested in using this technology, please contact us to get more insight into how this can be used in your business. One of our representatives will discuss your application and guide you in your options towards using this high-performance product.
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