Emsai Ticketing (beta)

Ticketing - ticket system Our Ticketing system is a vital sales optimization and customer conversion tool, highly demanded by our customers. It works by connecting to your company's sales email address. This is an optional addon module to Emsai CRM.

How it works: Once an email has been received, a new ticket is opened and changed background color signals it's a new inquiry that needs to be taken care of. Employees will then work with each ticket, assign statuses and make sure the sale is being made. The program also tracks progress for many days to come, so no sales are ever lost and an unlimited number of customer follow-ups are made and tracked.

Why: It is a known factor that tracking and converting each inquiry and lead to sales is vital for any business. Also, in B2B sales for example there is the need to contact your potential customer over and over again, in fact most sales are made after more than 5 or even 12 phone calls. Our system allows easy management of each of these events and converting all inquiries to sales. Never lose a sale again with our software!


  • Automatic ticket opening for each new email received
  • Re-open existing ticket if client has replied after ticket was closed
  • The program will automatically detect if an employee has replied to the email and sets the status accordingly; users don't necessarily need to do enter this information in the ticketing interface; simply just reply to customer email
  • Configurable optimal initial response time (e.g. one hour)
  • Red color background will signal if optimal initial response time has passed, so the customer needs to be replied to right away
  • Initial Response Time monitoring - our IRT factor allows measuring how fast your sales reps are replying to inquiries
  • Excerpt of email title and content displayed
  • Customizable client statuses (e.g. closed, open, tracking, gone cold, to follow up)
  • Track follow-ups, enter unlimited follow-ups with logged status for each
  • Special warnings for cold tickets from clients that have to be contacted much later, so you don't miss to call them again (e.g. after one week)
  • ... and more
In few words, you can't miss a client's request or a needed follow-up anymore, because the system handles it for you. It is an invaluable tool in any company for properly managing sales and it is still surprising how so many companies do not have a proper ticketing system in place, resulting in significant customer and profit loss in those cases.
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