Emsai Stock Inventory

Stock Inventory Management Stock Inventory Management module is a core component of our ERP software solution.

It includes product / SKU management and can be used to sell physical goods, virtual goods, services, basically any kind of goods, products or services. At the same time it stores product data and can be used to define stock inventory of all types, and even non-stockable or products with special handling including packages, licenses, services and more.

No matter what your product/service is, you can use our inventory module to define and track your products, and work together with all the other components of our solution.

The Stock Inventory feature is also useful for tracking valuable assets of your company, such as inventory objects like computers, printers you have in your business, or fixed assets like cars, trucks and buildings. The number and value of all these valuable assets are stored and calculated as to be included in the total current assets value of your company, to be reflected correctly in your P&L.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of SKU's or individual items
  • Fast processing, built to scale
  • Configurable product types with user-defined stock behavior (stockable or not, physical goods, services, purchasable, consumable and/or sell-able items
  • Many additional operations such as inbound transactions (supplier received notes and invoices), client invoice stock operations, delivery notes, transfers, split and merge operations, product formula, inventory audits and more
  • Suitable for large inventory stock, even for tens of thousands of items or more
  • Full historical management and tracking - generate a partial or full stock inventory report for any given date in the past
  • Fully editable historical data. By design, our product allows you to go into the past and correct/fix data entries, as to accurately represent your paper/printed books, if an human data entry error has occurred. By contrast, other solutions require you to (“close the month”) with no possibility whatsoever to make corrections in previous month or year, that's a major issue
  • Multiple inventories, multiple divisions, Multiple product types - all multiple and unlimited
  • Customizable Product groups - allows the user to create different groups reflecting different product lines in your business, and track stock inventory and sales for each and as a whole; very useful for product line management and profitability tracking and improvement
  • Full stock reports, partial reports, keyword and search-based stock reports, sorting by value and /or product type and so on
  • Unlimited stock nodes (e.g. individual operations, in an out). Each inventory SKY can be bought and sold in millions of individual transactions / invoices
  • Minimal stock management / stock bucket management, with realtime report and warning, reserve quantities, block items, transfer to another inventory and so on
  • Manage item sizes, dimensions and weight
  • Configurable measurement units
  • Configurable customs tariffs can be individually assigned to each SKU
  • Goods “in limbo”, merchandise in transit handling
  • Internal transfers (for example from one company warehouse or division to another)
  • Operations with stock impact or not (selectable) - for example a standalone delivery note (with stock impact) vs. a delivery note accompanied by an invoice (only one of them has stock impact). This is fully required per local regulations and company internal processes
  • Global stock displayed in realtime per SKU
  • Hundreds of other features and operations
Our stock inventory feature is an impressive one, built to scale and cover the needs of busy companies seeking growth, fast and easy stock management. We are fully confident it will cover all your needs and would be delighted to present it to you, and we know it will impress you.
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