Emsai Franchise Retail POS Software

Franchise Retail POS Software A special flavor of our ERP implementations is the Franchise Retail POS Software system.

We empower franchises with a fully-featured customized solution, to manage their franchise shops, distribution points and outlets with minimal effort and no investment risk.

Are you a franchise looking for a full-tailored but also fast, powerful, quick to deploy solution with no-risk initial cash investment?

Get a quote today for our high performance, flexible Emsai Franchise Retail POS Software system, fully managed for you to with central monitoring and permanent support. Fully customized as per your company's requirements.

Features and characteristics of the Emsai Franchise Retail POS Software system:

  • Full native integration with Emsai ERP - all other features available, including stock, invoicing, CRM and everything you might need
  • Can be installed to an unlimited number of franchise shops and locations
  • Central activity monitoring interface
  • Very easy to learn, simple for the user
  • Choice between POS / touch interface, desktop-style interface or mixed approach
  • Brandable interface, implement customer brand colors; full branding available as agreed in contract
  • White label contracts available
  • Resell available, as agreed in contract
  • We implement all your features and specifications as required by your specification list, franchise manual or features manual
  • For any full custom features needed, our developers are here to assist with fast implementation
  • Amazing pricing - simply ask for a quote
  • Zero investment risk - We do not require large upfront and expensive coding fees like other companies that might charge. We only require a minimal upfront fee and have a system ready for you
  • Our team will work closely to you and guide you as to what features you need and reaching the best possible offer/solution for your case
  • Ultra-fast solution with responsive interface, working on any device
  • Fully managed solution; our engineers will monitor your system functionality 24/7. You do not need to have a technical support team on your end; full technical support available
  • Integration with any online payment systems as requested
  • Integrated website and/or e-commerce features available on request. We provide high-performance websites for Franchises, connected to the Emsai Franchise Retail POS Software and powered by Emsai CMS and Emsai Web Framework
  • We can implement custom hardware of your choice, including POS hardware, label printers upon request
  • Fast live deployment. Your solution is typically ready to use in 1-2 months max
  • Employee training available as required by the client and specified in contract
We have an amazing solution for you, and we know it will not only meet your needs, but also impress and really surprise you. No more need to pay huge development costs, wait many months and cross finger to build software that might be thrown away! We have the solution ready for you, highly customizable, much more cost-efficient, risk-free.

Let one of our team members guide you through this special solution we have created for Franchises and bring your franchise to the top of modern technology, with no risk and in no time. Contact us today!
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