Emsai ERP Software

erp software Emsai ERP is our comprehensive software suite, a complete business management solution. This is a complex platform comprising several products and optional modules that can be used depending on client needs.

Emsai ERP Modules:

Each particular configuration is customized depending on customer needs.

Main Characteristics:

  • Cloud-based secure solution / Server-based versions
  • Optional on-premises database storage / Private cloud / VPN
  • Beautiful responsive interface
  • Works on any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Ultra-fast response, scalable solution with powerful back-end technology (based on the Emsai Platform)
  • Available 24/7, fully managed solution
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Dedicated account manager for enterprise customers
  • Available in multiple tiers, from small businesses to medium enterprises and corporate
  • Developed and tested for over a decade
  • Available in several languages
  • Multi-division, multi-inventory, multi-user, multi-currency, multi-website, multi-everything
  • Customizable roles and user permissions
This is just a short list. For more details and other features, please check each product individually.

Our technology is proprietary and has been developed from the ground up with performance, reliability and security in mind. This is why today we are able to provide cost-effective, beautiful and powerful solutions to our clients, in alignment with the latest trends and technology.

While many other solutions out there still rely on antiquated database systems and/or being a mix-and-match of various rather incompatible things, our suite is a native, integrated solution where each component has been designed to work with each other from the ground up, allowing smooth processing and faster deployment to even our most complex required implementations.
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