Emsai ERP Reports

ERP reports - reporting This module provides all your needed reports in one place, everything you need to use on a daily basis.

We believe that fast, efficient and easy to use reporting is critical for effectively operating a business, regardless of niche and/or size.

Reports and Features:

  • Stock reports:
    • Global, full stock report
    • Per-division reports
    • Stock currently under minimal quantity (to be replenished)
    • Product groups stock report
    • Other options
  • Sales reports:
    • Daily, monthly, yearly sales with margin amount and margin %
    • Goods vs. Services sales breakdown
    • Configurable sales report time window (current month, current day, current year and optional date setting)
    • Distinguish between B2B and B2C sales (for companies doing both)
    • Get sales reports over a certain invoice value (quite useful in optimizing the 80/20 rule in your company and focusing on your best clients)
    • Sales group report: Show a breakdown of sales per product groups; includes 12-month tracking with average monthly value and last 3-month aggregate value
    • Sales per product/item (search and list feature)
  • More reports:
    • Supplier due report: Track your Payables
    • Clients due report: Track your Receivables; set statuses for customers that haven't paid in time and track; hide transactions that are no longer viable (e.g. customer has gone bankrupt) to keep your list updated and clean
    • The above two reports also include a per-client aggregated total value either to be received or paid
    • Sales Journal - List all invoices of goods and services sold
    • Purchases Journal - List all invoices of goods and services bought
    • Sales graph - available on the login page, displays a graph of current sales and revenue progress
    • Other reports are visible directly in each module's view (cash report etc.)
The above is not a full list, we are continuously adding new reports and updating existing ones with new features and enhancements.

Our Reporting module is a critical part of the ERP system. Regardless of company niche, size and characteristics, these reports are here to help you and ensure your company is managed correctly and business processes efficiency is at its max.
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