Emsai Enterprise Custom POS Software

Enterprise Custom POS Our enterprise POS software is a customized, fully managed solution aimed at busy companies with multiple locations/shops/venues that require a specific set of features.

If you are growing and need a flexible, powerful solution for your business, our product is what you have been looking for. It comes with full customization to meet your needs and even your branding. Our goal is to empower your business with an sophisticated and efficient sales tool for all your retail outlets.

We offer to our customers a bespoke and efficient POS system, implemented on top of the Emsai ERP system and Emsai Platform. Our platform is extremely flexible, so we can create highly customized solutions of all kinds, match customer requirements exactly, with unmatched speed of execution as well as performance and features included.

Here are some of the features and characteristics of a typical Emsai Custom POS implementation:

  • Full, native integration with Emsai ERP - all features are available, including stock, invoicing, CRM, ticketing, e-commerce features and everything else you might need
  • Available for an unlimited number of your shops/locations, managing even a large network of physical locations and shops
  • Centralized management interface, configured as per customer requirements
  • Fully managed solution, client does not need a technical support team on their side
  • Very easy to learn, simple workflow
  • Custom interface, designed as per client requirements; can use either desktop approach, touch screen interface or both
  • Full implementation of client's manual of features and specification list. Our database developers are also here to assist with any data or report feature you might need
  • Minimal investment, risk-free approach - Unlike going on the full bespoke path and paying a software company a fortune to create the software for you (highly risky business), we only require a minimal upfront fee and ensure your requirements are met through contract. The cost is only distributed as monthly fees as agreed in the contract. IEntirely risk-free
  • Amazing pricing - just try us, we trust you won't be disappointed
  • Ultra-fast, responsive interfaces and backend
  • Integration with online payment systems as needed
  • Online website sales / online E-commerce connected solution, designed as per customer needs
  • Bespoke hardware interface with POS hardware of your choice is always available per request
  • Unlimited number of features can be provided based on your specification
  • Very fast live deployment with full bespoke features included ( typical value 1-2 months, might vary depending on case)
  • Our team will work closely to you and guide you as to what features you definitely need, and reaching the best possible offer/solution for your case
  • User training available as required by the client
When you are growing fast and need support, you will definitely reach this point where about every solution out there will disappoint you. In terms of security, scalability, and even having the features you need, many open source and/or commercial solutions will not be up to the challenge.

We're here to solve this problem for you. We provide a fully integrated solution, fast and reliable, not just merely putting pieces together like others do (which obviously won't work on the longer term).

With Emsai Enterprise Custom POS, you get rid of the fears of not having chosen the right solution. You will know it is the right solution. And besides, unlike developing the software through a software house, it is not only far less expensive, but also risk-free and ready to use.

Contact us today, and let us setup your dream software for your company. Use it care-free and let us help you grow your business.
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