Emsai E-commerce / Shopping Cart

E-commerce Shopping Cart Our e-commerce solution is currently available in beta stage.

An unique and special feature of the Emsai ERP suite is its embedded e-commerce solution. Unlike other providers that just integrate with external services in order to provide e-commerce features, our fully customizable e-commerce solution is a built-in native application on the Emsai Platform.

Characteristics and Advantages:

  • Natively integrated E-commerce module
  • Works directly with all other components of Emsai ERP Suite and Emsai CMS
  • ensures full scalability
  • Stock inventory data displayed on website in realtime - a highly needed feature
  • Configurable shopping cart with configurable templates and product data pulled from Emsai ERP
  • HTML mode - just drop a snippet and enable e-commerce on your website instantly
  • Wordpress Plugin mode - available as plugins for WordPress and other CMS systems
  • PHP plugin mode - use it to instantly enable shopping cart on your PHP website
  • Native mode - create your own e-commerce website powered entirely by the Emsai Platform (our recommendation!)
  • Unlimited products, categories, sales, unlimited everything
  • Multi-website solutions with centralized stock inventory available on request
  • Automatically load order data in Emsai ERP, also automatically generate invoices
  • Automatic order confirmation emails sent to customer and client backoffice
  • Full connection to Emsai ERP: Emsai Stock Inventory, Emsai Invoicing, products management and all other components
  • ... in few words, a dream solution for your business
No matter how big your small your business is, no matter what you are selling, no matter how many products and websites you have, our technology is here to help your business. Our E-commerce module can work with any existing website, or we can assist you with creating a new one based on our own powerful, proprietary technology.

Contact us today to get more insight into how our fast e-commerce solution can be used in your business. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly and guide you in your options for an excellent and cost-effective implementation. Thank you!
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