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CRM - Customer Resource Management The purpose of our CRM system is to provide comprehensive management of client relationships and more. It also assists you in managing your suppliers and collaborators. Our customer resource management tool is integrated with all the other components, including Invoicing, Reports and the E-commerce module. It also is linked to our Ticketing module, a CRM addon.

Here are some of the features of our flexible and powerful CRM system:

  • Enter and manage an unlimited number of clients and suppliers
  • Generate automatic ledgers for each client, useful to generate income reports and per-client ledger tracking; same for suppliers
  • Block and unblock clients for various reasons (unpaid bills for example)
  • Track client preferences, supplier and client contacts, delivery addresses, office addresses, phones, emails, employees and many other details
  • Use our Client Groups and Supplier Groups for better insight and breakdown per type of client/group
  • Differentiate between Individuals and Companies as clients; please note that most countries have legal requirements in this line, for example when applying VAT, therefore this is a very important tax compliance-related feature
  • Track payment terms for regular customers and resellers; using different background colors as visual notification for each special handled customer
  • Incoterms information, used in invoicing and delivery
  • Direct forward invoices to customers by email (beta)
  • Collect customer email addresses for marketing purposes; track reason as to why certain clients decline to provide an email address, if applicable (e.g.not having one or not wanting to be emailed)
  • Assign automatic registration numbers for various documents logged in, like inquiries, notifications and more
  • Log and handle customer complaints
  • Set automatic reminders for important tasks; a very useful time/task management feature. Reminders can be set for a given date and time in the future, monthly on a certain date, weekly, certain weekdays or even daily; can be global or personal. They will appear in a highly visible message so users can't miss them
  • Manage employees and representatives, assign roles (order representative/delivery, sales representative/agent, external agents or collaborators) and set permissions
  • Create shipping carriers and shipping methods, attach them to customer preferences
Our goal is to assist your business with the most flexible and simple to use features to manage your clients and suppliers easily and efficiently. By doing that in a correct manner, we reduce company cost, simplify operations, increase sales and help your business maintain the best relationships with your customers, which turns them into steady customers and brings profits in the long term.

There are a ton of different features embedded into our CRM. However if you need additional features to improve your workflow and company process, we would be glad to help and implement those features for you.
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