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High performance CMS - Emsai Emsai CMS is a proprietary high-performance CMS that was designed from the ground up as a solution for the common problems of CMS systems. The concept was built-into even the first releases, and refined over the years.

Base advantages of Emsai CMS:

  • Extremely fast. Its realtime performance is comparable, if not better than cached performance of any well-known open source CMS. We render content in miliseconds even with a large load. In sharp contrast with other CMS systems in the market, our product has such a performance that we don't even have a caching system, because caching will have a fairly similar performance to the native realtime full execution we have. It is indeed that fast.
  • Highly scalable. Need to serve thousands of requests per second, or millions a day? Unlike most solutions out there, Emsai CMS is always able to deliver that. It was built to withstand high load and with large, busy websites in mind.
  • Optimized execution. Our CMS comes with a large set of configuration options. This makes easy to build any type of website of application. Once the right options are set, it runs and it only executes what is needed in that specific context.
  • Enhanced security. Our proprietary CMS uses a hardened design unlike other solutions, without decreasing performance at all. With our CMS, you simply can't upload scripts on the server (at all) or even bother trying to perform SQL injection attacks. It won't work because our base design prevents this from ever happening. This is why we don't need to constantly release patches for such issues; they are simply not possible with our CMS.
  • Designed for Enterprises. It is the perfect solution for companies looking to build complex websites and solutions for their business needs. Does all it should do. Do you want to build a website, a blog, an e-commerce solution or even more? To build any web application you want? It is certainly possible and built-in. Our CMS comes with blog plugin, e-commerce plugin, flexible database visual editor and designer, encrypted communication, advanced logging, monitoring and conversions tracking, A/B testing, just to name a few. Even more plugins and features are currently added.
  • Build complex applications fast. This is a key feature. Combined with our Emsai Framework, developers can quickly build and enhance very complex applications while still keeping them powerful and scalable. It is a CMS built for developers and enterprise applications first of all. Extremely simple to learn and use. Comes with very simple concepts and an intuitive configuration where you can get all that you need from your application.
  • Flexibility in development.Not only this CMS provides all the above, but it is also flexible in development and technology choices. For example, we do not carry a fixed MVC model. Website developers working with our CMS can always chose their own, or they can even mix and match different MVC types for a given solution depending on its very different parts, and have them working under the same CMS in a hierarchical tree. Emsai CMS gives you the ability of doing things you will never be able to do with other solutions in the market, and without limiting you in your application design choices.
If you're interested in using our technology, please contact us to get more insight into how this can be used in your business. One of our representatives will discuss your application and guide you in your options towards using our high-performance, scalable CMS.
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