Emsai Cash Management

Cash Management Our comprehensive cash management module is designed to keep track of all your money operations in one place, and also to provide tracking, reports and insight into your company cashflow.


  • Daily Cash Book tracking, cash report with start and end of day balances
  • Bank accounts and virtual bank accounts (like Paypal)
  • Foreign bank accounts in unlimited currencies
  • Cash and bank account reconciliation with multiple-invoice payment distribution
  • Issuing pay slips, cashing slips and receipts
  • Tracking expense reimbursements
  • Tracking aggregate margin and total sales (via sales report)
  • Comprehensive realtime cost analysis feature; through monitoring your costs in realtime you can make sure the company is going to make a profit during current month
  • Displaying unknown/undefined/new suppliers and costs assigned
  • Breakdown of costs per types, breakdown per suppliers
  • Our cashflow prediction module allows to predict cashflow during the next 30 to 60 days; this feature prevents low cash situations in your company, giving enough time in advance to correct the issue
  • Track cheques issuedand automatically assign bank charges to corresponding issued cheques; assign multiple supplier invoices per cheque as needed
  • Further customization available on request

Our embedded double-entry bookkeeping system allows creating and using a customized ledger plan, exporting your data via CSV files and then even transferring aggregate data into an external accounting or tax program of your choice. This is important since many accountants and external accounting services use their own technology and are familiar with specific products. We have decided to give them the opportunity to use the tools they are most experienced with.
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