Core Concepts

Enterprise software - Core concepts Unfortunately, there are serious flaws in how enterprise software is still being designed today. Many software companies are still:

  • Not striving for performance
  • Having poor security (the reason for the large number of data breaches)
  • Not having an unified approach, mix-and-match of incompatible pieces of software
  • Still relying on outdated software, like outdated desktop-only solutions

Such solutions are flawed by design. They can't ever truly meet all the needs of their customers, and trouble lies ahead for them.

Furthermore, most all-in-one solutions today, while highly needed, are unfortunately being designed as merely a mix-and-match of various pieces of functionality that were never designed to work together in the first place. They will tell you to cross fingers, and that it'll work. But you know already it won't work. Anyone can figure out this, it's not rocket science.

We are different in this regard. Here are our core concepts:

  • Beautiful interface, responsive. Enough with the old desktop software that won't work on a tablet and you can't take it with you. Our software is designed to work flawlessly on any device used today, with mobility in mind.
  • Simplicity, easy to use. Many software tools today use a cluttered, and often bloated interface. While in some cases the visuals might be appealing, we have observed in practice that the more bloated the interface is, the less easy to use it is and the longer it takes to learn it. Often, users keep staring at a screen for seconds and even minutes without being able to quickly realize what they are looking at.
    Our approach is to segment visual information and make it easy to digest. We use regular tables whenever possible, as normal text and table scanning is something our eyes can do much easier. Graphics and charts are included but we tend not to overload any interface in order to maintain simplicity and keep the product easy to use, all components are separated so you can easily locate what you need.
  • One-click automation. Whenever possible, we offer one-click and zero-click automated features. For example, Pro-Forma to invoice auto generation, or import order data from website to an actual invoice. We have these special tools in place, in order to save time and make it very easy for our users. Time is money.
  • Ultra-fast cloud servers. At Emsai, we really believe in speed. If your representatives need to create an invoice with 10 items and each item takes a minute for the page to load, that's thousands of man hours lost each year. Client cost skyrockets by such hidden issues. By contrast, we offer an ultra-fast experience where everything is supposed to load in a couple seconds or even less than a second. We're able to provide this through the technology that took us many years to create for this very specific purpose.
  • All-in-one solution - from sales, invoicing to online presence. We are an unique approach in this niche as not only we provide many components you can use for full management of your business, but we also do have our own shopping cart/e-commerce module as well. Unlike others that merely integrate external solutions, we do have an in-built e-commerce module with integrated stock display in realtime that you can deploy independently or through your existing website, in minutes. Ready to go and natively connected.
  • Highly customized. An rather tricky approach today is to simply drop 10,000 of features in a product and let users find their way through it. This is bad because most ERP users are not software engineers and feel overwhelmed by the ridiculous complexity of the product. While we do have thousands of features as well, we maintain a customized experience for each user so they only have to look at what they truly need and use. This saves time walking through the product and minimizes user fatigue.
  • Client-oriented. At Emsai, we believe in you, our customer. We know that we need to serve you as best as possible, and our friendly support is here to do so. This is not just an affirmation. We are a customer-centric company and we hope you will give us the chance to prove so.

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