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"Normality exist in the minds of others, not mine!" - Rescator

"With progress comes complication, with complication comes loss of overview, with loss of overview comes bugs and flaws, with bugs and flaws comes security issues!" - Rescator

"I do not believe in religion, as religion do not believe in me!" - Rescator

"I would rather live in the wakes of chaos than to walk a narrow path of defined future!" - Rescator

"I apply logic methods on my "self" thus I plainly see the defined future, this is why I long for chaos to bring it's sweet storms!" - Rescator

"I have no expectations from progress really. I hope it will change stuff, but considering the past I doubt it. One can always hope though!" - Rescator

"I have yet to decide if collective stupidity is worse, or individual stupidity!" - Rescator

"It's like finding a fortune cookie on the street just like that and it always have something cool in it!" - Rescator

"The primary purpose of a sidekick is to make the hero look good!" - Rescator

"The best ideas are born out of laziness! I've yet to find a way to make ideas create themselves though!" - Rescator

"Out of need comes brilliancy! (and weird words)" - Rescator

"Being in love with an alter self is the first signs you spend too much time roleplaying!" - Rescator

"There's no such thing as a perfect day, however there are things such as "a less sucky day than normally", it still sucks though!" - Rescator

"I grow weaker every day, yet as each day passes I feel more and more powerful. Thus one can assume that power does not equal strength." - Rescator

"I am, therefore I wish to be!" - Rescator

"The capability of thinking logically does not indicate intelligence, I'm a living proof of this!" - Rescator

"The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence! Your sunglasses could just be messed up!" - Rescator

"No matter how good the tools are, it's how the people are using them that counts!" - Rescator

"The pride for the self is only overshadowed by the worship of the self!" - Rescator

"Humans always seem to love making the easy difficult, like for example unlocking the door, then crawl in the window instead!" - Rescator

"The day a religion is based on me, I shall believe in religion!" - Rescator

"Do not read between the lines when there is nothing there!" - Rescator

"Do not put words in peoples mouths that have never been spoken!" - Rescator

"Do not try to add meaning where none is really needed!" - Rescator

"Do not assume that lack of smileys mean people are serious, angry or sarcastic!" - Rescator

"If I knew what I was doing, I would have left Earth years ago!" - Rescator

"Science Fiction is only called fiction because scientists have yet to prove it!" - Rescator

"It is better to tell a small story well, than a big story poorly!" - Rescator

"If nobody records history it will be forever forgotten!" - Rescator