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The eyes of Rescator!

Rescator™ is the trademark and artistic name of Roger Hågensen since early 1990's,
possibly originating from old Normandic/European areas.

But despite possible original meaning, Roger H├ągensen decided
that Rescator™ for his own use, would mean Dark Soul.

Pronounced flowingly with paced soft syllables as Res-ca-tor.

Rescator™ was born Roger Hågensen 23rd March 1974
in the city of Trondheim, Norway.

He currently works as a freelancer in addition to his EmSai™ projects.
Has adequate skills in PHP, HTML, CSS and PureBasic™,
and some knowledge of C and related programming languages.
Prefers PHP for web projects, and PureBasic™ for Windows applications!

He also has a music talent, and loves to work with "soundscapes" as he prefer to call it.
This is his theory of how any sound (including silence) is part of a soundscape (aural landscape).
Due to this he loves manipulating and engineering sounds, noises, instruments and more,
then piece it together to make musical, ambient or effect compositions.
He releases his musical works under the artist name Rescator™.

He is fluent in Norwegian (native) and English, both spoken and written forms.
Understands Swedish, some Danish dialects, and the written form of both.
Also understands most spoken German, and partly the written form.

Considers himself an Absurdist and a Mentat,
hence believing in Absurdism and Logic.
He also likes to invent/create, be it standards, concepts or ideas,
and also making stories, and being a generally weird philosopher.

Currently he is busy working on EmSai™ projects,
and a few non-EmSai projects with a couple friends.

Was a Moderator/OP of the official Anarchy Online™ IRC channel,
and has previously served as volunteer support staff under ARK (Advisors of Rubi-Ka™)
for the MMORPG Anarchy Online™ by Funcom™ as well.

One of the oldest members, co-founder, board member, currently serves as technical expert, developer, and sometimes radio host at
GridStream Productions™ (under the pseudonym Gridfan aka Lance Orbin),
"GSP" is if not the very first, at least the oldest existing and most successful MMORPG radio in the world!
And "Gridfan" ran a radio show for 2 years at GSP called The Lance Orbin Gridfeed.

Apparently coined the term Natural Random Bit by accident.

Rescator™ was also a admin/moderator of the Imperial Wars™ forums,
and helping out Intelligent Life Games™ in some other capacities whenever possible.

Did some voice acting for Caravel Games on DROD: The City Beneath, and some of the expansions.

Rescator™ is a big fan of the Stargate SG-1™ and Stargate Atlantis™ series,
and loves pretty much anything science fiction related, the reason?
"Science Fiction is only called fiction because scientists have yet to prove it!" - Rescator