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Rescator working.

EmSai™ is a trademark/name of Roger "Rescator" Hågensen's software and technology projects,
and is a synonym and capitonym meaning neverending or endless.

Capitalization indicate the modified backronym syllables Em (M) and Sai
(concatenation of S and I) which is from the phonetics of the acronym MSI.

Which in turn originates from MSI Software that originated from
MR.Y Studios International in the late 1980's, which originates simply from MR.Y.

EmSai™ is pronounced flowingly with fast medium syllables as Em-Sai.
Think Japanese elegance and flow. If EmSai was to be written in Kanji it would be 縁再,
where 縁 means fate or destiny, and 再 means repeated,
in other words EmSai means repeated destiny, or that destiny repeats itself.