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News: Gamasutra Featured Post
I just recently wrote an article that ended up as a Featured Post at Gamasutra It's called Save Game Statistics (The missed opportunity!) (in case you can't see it on the frontpage)... (continued)
Rescator2010-08-26 16:53:53 UTC

News: Rescator Albums available!
Roger "Rescator" Hågensen has released three albums of retro music. Originally created during the 1990's and then re-mastered as high quality 24Bit 48KHz FLAC (lossless) these albums will bring you that nostalgic Amiga 80's/90's feeling in all it's glory (and flaws).... (continued)
Rescator2010-08-15 14:24:58 UTC

News: AMD Radeon HD 5670 added to graphics chart.
The GPU chart has been updated with AMD's Radeon HD 5670.... (continued)
Rescator2010-01-18 15:03:45 UTC

News: Intel Core i5 661 added to NPR charts.
The CPU chart has been updated with Intel's Core i5 661.... (continued)
Rescator2010-01-07 03:24:36 UTC

News: Nvidia Geforce GT240 added to graphics chart.
The GPU chart has been updated with Nvidia's Geforce GT240.... (continued)
Rescator2009-11-20 07:53:22 UTC
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Game Review: Mass Effect 3 Ending
I originally intended to do a technical review of Mass Effect 3, but the ending is such that I just have to get this off my chest first. Major spoiler warning, if you have not completed ME3 then you may not wish to read further.... (continued)
Rescator2012-03-11 06:02:56 UTC

Games: Mass Effect 3 Character Predictions
Mass Effect 3 is the third installment in a huge epic science fiction trilogy, it continues were Mass Effect 1 and 2 left off. All choices carried from ME1 to ME2 and choices carried from ME2 to ME3 will impact what happens. This is a prediction of Mass Effect... (continued)
Rescator2011-05-12 01:14:45 UTC

Website: DPI Calculator
A new tool has been added to the site's Projects under the Widescreen section.
Most people are unaware that they are using the wrong DPI setting for their monitor.
The DPI Calculator should help you find out the optimal DPI/PPI setting for your monitor under Windows... (continued)
Rescator2010-10-16 17:45:39 UTC

Website: EmSai Mousespeed
EmSai Mousespeed is a small tool (44KB) to test the speed/accuracy and consistency of your mouse.
It will provide info like Pixels² per millisecond, and max peak, as well as calculated polling rate (Hz) of the mouse (how frequently/fast it talks to your computer). The source is also available for... (continued)
Rescator2010-08-16 18:58:55 UTC

Technology: The Ideal Copy Protection or The DRM That Works

Since I'm a technical guy the first part will describe the technical implementation, then followed by the benefits this has for legit customers and the drawbacks for non-legit customers. Although this is aimed at MicroSoft Windows and PC Gaming in particular, the principle applies to Apple Mac and Linux as... (continued)

Rescator2010-02-20 03:01:19 UTC