erp crm software Welcome to Emsai software solutions.

Emsai ERP is a powerful business management software platform, designed to fulfill business software requirements and needs in a modern and comprehensive fashion.

Our comprehensive ERP solution is a multi-everything, ultra-fast, highly integrated solution aiming to cover all business needs of modern enterprises.

From Invoicing, cash management, customer management / CRM and ticketing, to stock inventory, warehouse management / WMS and E-commerce we offer a highly configurable, complex solutions to cover all your business software needs regardless of field of activity.

We believe each company is different from the business software perspective, even if business principles in general are the same. Our software's amazing flexibility solves the different needs of very different clients in all business fields.

Built on top of our proprietary software Emsai CMS and Emsai Web Framework, our solution comprises many different components for everything you need in your business.

Our technology is built with you, our customer, in mind. Core concepts

We work closely with all our customers to ensure the best experience and to sustain business management and growth. Therefore, feel free to reach us anytime, tell us about your specific needs and let us find the best solution for you. Please browse this website for more information about our core concepts, product advantages, history and customer satisfaction strategy.

We work for your business success and to ensure all your needs are covered.

Our flexible software technology allows us to deliver to this promise and get your business software up and running right away and in a cost-efficient manner.
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